Misión, Visión, Objetivos y Valores

Group FUSA is made by the Foundation for Adolescent Health of 2000 (FUSA 2000) and FUSA Civil Association (FUSA AC) working daily towards improving access and health care for adolescents and youth in the country.

Our Mission

FUSA as Civil Association aims for the defense of the rights of adolescents and youth, providing them timely and affordable comprehensive health care, information and education to enable them to make informed, responsible and free decisions to achieve a healthy environment and construction a better life project and the full enjoyment of their sexual and reproductive lives.

Our Vision

Being the number one guarantor organization and leader in the field of integral health and rights for adolescents and youth in Argentina and Latin America.


Promoting an integrated and friendly model of health service in different areas of public and private care in the country.

Encourage/Stimulate the formation of multiplying agents for health prevention, training responsible adults, professionals and adolescents in Argentina and Latin America.

Influence the development and implementation of public policies that ensure the rights of adolescents and youth.

To be a referent organization at national and regional level for the articulation and development of national and international projects related to the realization of the right to health of adolescents and youth.

Enhancing the impact of actions through working partnerships and research with other governmental institutions, non-governmental, civil society and international agencies.


ADAPTABILITY: We believe that in order to provide an excellent service, it is necessary to adapt to technologies and increasingly dynamic contexts, which will ensure the ongoing training of our professionals.

EQUALITY: We treat everyone with equal respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, sex, social status, or national origin, in full accordance with the principles of the International Convention for the Rights of the Child.

DIVERSITY: We try to include all voices. Our executive board wants to incorporate young people representing the interests of their community.

COLLABORATION: We believe that the achievements are the result of joint effort, so we approach each project within the context of an interdisciplinary team.

PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: We work with people and for people, so we adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics.

INTEGRITY: We support our policies with each of our actions. We act as we think and we think  of give the best.


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