Community Outreach

Casa Fusa Workshops: Comprehensive Sex Education, General Health, and Adolecents

Our main objective is to provide help with some practical and simple tools oriented to the prevention of health, the promotion of rights and the approach of gender inequalities, in the interstices that the system provides

Who are the workshops for?

To adolescents and young people, professionals and / or teachers who are in contact with this age group in community welfare, educational and economic centers. Also parents and families who want to address these issues

What is the purpose?

Generate concerns about health that favor the respective medical consultation.
Promote preventive attitudes and behaviors on health that encompass sexual and reproductive health, healthy eating, problematic substance use, among others.
Facilitate communication between adolescents and intergenerational.
Work on the contents that are addressed with a gender perspective.
Address the rights referred to adolescents, in line with the laws in force
and the international treaties incorporated into our Constitution.

What are the topics covered?

        • Comprehensive adolescent health
        • Rights in health
        • Sexual and reproductive health
        • Nutrition
        • Problematic substance use
        • Violence (relationships, courtships, among others)
        • Discrimination
        • Autoagresiones and suicide

Workshops & Trainings

Workshops in educational institutions and civil society organizations

    • Workshops and group talks for adolescents on different health issues, including sexualities, physical activity, gender, rights, healthy nutrition.
      Sensitization meetings for mothers, fathers and families.
      Training for teachers and managers.

In health institutions

    • Workshop devices in waiting room.
      Training for health professionals.

In public spaces

Awareness and dissemination of issues related to health such as growth, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, among others, in public spaces such as parks.

At Casa FUSA

    • Training for health professionals, education, social referrals.
      Workshops in waiting room.
      Workshops and meetings for young people and adolescents.
      Cycles of meetings for parents and families.

Course of health promoters

The Training Course for Health Promoters is organized by FUSA AC and is aimed at adolescents and young people from 16 to 24 years old.
It is free and consists in five meetings, with three defined axes: Promotion of Integral Health, Sexual Health and Reproductive Health and Political Incidence. Each one provides tools to understand and rethink the role of young people in the defense and promotion of rights.
And, above all, it provides some reflections, information and care practices that allow socializing knowledge, generating spaces for community participation.
It is dictated during five consecutive Mondays and is in charge of different professionals of the FUSA AC team and Casa FUSA. The mode is face-to-face, at the FUSA AC headquarters: Lezica 3902, Medrano corner, in the neighborhood of Almagro (Castro Barros station on Line A of the subway).
Certificates are delivered at the end of the course.
The maximum capacity is 20 attendees

Write to or call us 4981-4241 or 4982-1981