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Dra. Sandra B. Vázquez

Dr. Vázquez is a doctor specializing in Infant-Adolescent Gynecology and Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology. She received her degree from the National University of La Plata. From 1992 to 2016 she worked in Adolescent Services in the Argerich Hospital of Buenos Aires. Dr. Vázquez is the Director of the Gyneocological Institute of Buenos Aires, in addition to being an advisor to the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program of Buenos Aires and a member of the Advising Committee to the National Sexual Health and Responsible Procreation Program. She’s a member of the Head Commission of the Argentine Society of Infant-Adolescent Gynecology and the Scientific Commission of the Argentine Medical Association of Contraception. Dr. Vázquez teaches courses and seminars at various universities and has participated in over 50 national and international conferences about Infant-Adolescent Gynecology, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Pediatrics, and Adolescence.

Advocacy Team

Coordinator: María Alicia Gutierrez.
Advisor: Pamela Martín García.
Expansion: Florencia Maffeo.

Research and Education Development Team

Coordinator: Elsa Schvartzman

Community and Education Team

Coordinator: Daniela Giacomazzo.

Community  Team:
Florencia Couto
Elisa Odriozola
Virgina Braga
Florencia Couto

Youth Development Team:
Catalina Distefano
Lara Nahir
Julieta Spagnolo
Agus Vaccani                
Martina Posadas
Alma Dalle

Finance and Accounting

Responsable: Aurora Chervaz.
Assistant: Ana Laura Perdeguera

Communications Team

Coordinator: Adrián Arden
Social Media Coordinator: Camila Bazán

Administrative Team

Coordinator: María Victoria Simón.
Asistentes: Ma. Celina Pagés y Nicolás Feldman  Recepcionista: Gloria Llorens

Legal Team

Julio Bustamante.

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