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We bring you the publications produced by Grupo FUSA linked to comprehensive health care for adolescents and young people who seek to be useful tools for these groups and their families, health professionals and those interested in health care.

Right to abortion: recommendations for media coverage without stigma

FUSA AC presents this guide as a contribution to promote a responsible communication on the issue of abortion, from a perspective that considers the rights of people and contributes to an informed and respectful debate.

We believe that a clear, precise communication, based on verifiable information, which facilitates the understanding of terms ​​related to the legal framework, abortion as a subject of health and human rights and the medical terminologies that refer to and describe its provision, can contribute, and much , to reduce the stigma associated with abortion.

We believe that this guide can be a tool that contributes to a better communication of the topic, that prioritizes quality information and access to sources that provide a rigorous and responsible analysis on safe and free abortion in Argentina.

The ABC of legal abortion in Argentina

The project that seeks to decriminalize and legalize abortion in Argentina achieved a half sanction in Deputies and is being debated in the Senate. It is a historical moment that implies not only the recognition of sexual and reproductive rights but also educational changes, in the definition of health and cultural policies.
Therefore, understanding that access to quality information helps to improve the debate, we present this document that addresses the main data and doubts associated with the subject and a summary of the most important articles of the bill presented by the National Campaign for Abortion Legal, Safe and Free.
Some points that the document addresses: abortion and maternal mortality; Is abortion legal in Argentina? What can happen to the deaths from unsafe practices? Legal abortion: 30% of women had access barriers; Why do women abort ?, among others.

Health as a cause of access to abortion from a comprehensive approach

FUSA AC presents the book “Health as a cause of access to abortion from a comprehensive approach.” This publication is the result of an essay contest conducted by FUSA AC between 2014 and 2015 with the support of IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation).
The causal health is one of the assumptions of legality for access to the Interruption of pregnancy in most countries of Latin America. In the Argentine case, this permit is contemplated in paragraph 1 of article 86 of the Penal Code.

“Mira que te miro” - Argentine Chapter

“Mira que te miro” is a regional initiative of social monitoring of commitments adopted in the Montevideo Consensus by the First Regional Conference on Population and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in 2013 in Uruguay. A historical document in the United Nations System because the region recognizes sexual rights as human rights by proposing actions that guarantee the enjoyment of sexual and reproductive health for all population, without discrimination.

Science and health in favor of legal abortion, safe and free

This document compiles the main pronouncements of the scientific-medical associations of the country in relation to the decriminalization project and legalization of abortion.
They are documents published in recent weeks that provide evidence and arguments based on research and experience, beyond beliefs personal and religious. We believe in the contribution of this document as a nexus among those who have the knowledge and experience and who have to make the decision to accompany the legal, safe and free abortion project to its final sanction.

Guide on Workshops in the Waiting Room of a Health Service
A Communication space. FUSA 2000 - Hospital General de Agudos
Dr. Cosme Argerich, 1st Edition, July 2012.

Esta guía es un instructivo que tiene como principal objetivo poder acercar el marco conceptual, los objetivos y el desarrollo de los Talleres en Sala de Espera a profesionales de la salud que estén en contacto con adolescentes y jóvenes en centros asistenciales. En sus páginas, se proponen algunas herramientas prácticas y sencillas orientadas a la promoción y prevención de la salud en base a la experiencia de quienes coordinaron durante varios años este espacio en el Servicio de Adolescencia del Hospital Argerich en el que abordaron temas vinculados a la salud reproductiva, género, derechos y embarazos no deseados.

Procedural Guide for the Care of Women in a situation of unplanned pregnancy.
FUSA 2000, 1st Edition, February 2012.

The main objective of this guide is to  bring the conceptual framework, the objectives, and the development of Waiting Room Workshops to health proessionals who are in contact with adolescents and young people in healthcare centers. In its pages are some practical and simple tools aimed at the promotion and prevention of health care proposed based on the experience of those who coordinated this space in the Adolescent Service of the Argerich Hospital for several year. They addressed issues related to health, reproductive, gender rights, and unwanted pregnancies.

Integral Health Care in Adolescence. Reduction of Risks and Damages in Reproductive Health with Gender Equality. Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) - Foundation for Adolescent Health 2000 (FUSA 2000), 1st Edition, 2010.

It is the result of the experience presented by FUSA 2000 in conjunction with the Argerich Hospital in the “III Concurso de Buenos Prácticas que incorporan la perspectiva de Igualdad de Género de Salud de los y las Adolescentes y Jóvenes” of PAHO, which sets out as a good practice the implementation of the Comprehensive Health Care model for adolescents and young people taht allows addressing the needs and differential opportunities of adolescent men and women and improving their opportuntities to enjoy great health.

Adolescence. A Friendly Service for Comprehensive Health Care FUSA 2000
Hospital General de Agudos Dr. Cosme Argerich, 1st Edition, 2009.

This book gathers the experience of the implementation of the model of Integral and Friendly Health Care in adolescents and young people carried out by the group of doctors of the Adolescent Service of the Hospital Argerich and the Foundation for the Health of the Adolescent of 2000 (FUSA 2000). This innovative practice in Argentina moves away from the traditional hegemonic medical model as it assists adolescents and young people from an holistic perspective that engages different discipllines and actors and considers them as subjects of rights, free to exercise their responsibilities in health matters.