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Atención integral de la Salud


Our health team provides assistance to adolescents and youth with a comprehensive approach that addresses the user based on the promotion, prevention and health care taking into account both the accompaniment of the family and that of their peer groups. With the opening of Casa FUSA – Adolescent Care Center, we offer a service of clinical consultations and specialties such as Medical Clinic, Nutrition, Gynecology, Infectology, Dermatology.

(Español) Expansión Comunitaria


We develop different actions aimed at the community. We offer both in Casa FUSA and educational institutions, social, health and neighborhood centers, training for adolescents, families, health professionals and teachers, and workshops for youth and adolescents about the health care, prevention health and promoting the rights from a model of comprehensive care. We also organize actions in community spaces such as squares, parks, which continue in line with promoting preventive health attitudes.



From Grupo FUSA, we understand adolescents and young people as subjects of law/subjects of rights. Therefore, we focus our work in supporting and contributing to its implementation of public policies that favor the exercise of their right to health. In this line, we participate in various diffusion and intervention projects in partnership with various actors of civil society at local and regional level.

(Español) Investigación y Proyectos

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In FUSA believe that reflection on our own practices is essential to build working tools that allow us to enhance the daily work. Therefore, we conducted investigations in order to increase knowledge about health and rights of adolescents and youth to collaborate on improving our task. Thus, our projects are fed by different research studies to perform actions related to the health area and adolescence in partnership with scientific societies, civil society and international organizations.